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Is Generation Spark Right for your Church?

Generation Spark (GS) churches have no less than 10 youth and 20 adults. Leadership in these churches show they value five life-changing truths by answering the following questions in the affirmative:

“I am needed.”

  1. Will your church value their future leaders by asking them to help solve what may be the most significant problem facing the church today: the loss of its youth?
  2. Will your church begin this process by giving five youth and adults manageable opportunities to identify, assess and recommend solutions to problems in church and community?

“I am heard.”

  1. Will the senior pastor convene an Exploratory Team to assess the churches’ call and capacity to offer GS?
  2. Will church leadership ask for, listen to and seriously consider youth and adult recommendations regarding relevant problems within church and community?
  3. Will the senior pastor be a mentor or a prayer partner for one adult-youth relationship?

“I belong.”

  1. Will the church show youth and adults they belong by giving them a trained mentor and prayer partner?
  2. Will church leaders regularly affirm and recognize GS participants and provide public opportunities to report their progress and personal growth?
  3. Will the church collect baseline data and historical information regarding relevant member trends?

“I make a difference.”

  1. Will church leaders identify the leadership for GS, including an existing part-time staff person or volunteer director and an eight-member Leadership Team, including four youth, trained to engage youth in problem-solving relationships that make a difference?
  2. Will church leadership develop a systematic plan to engage GS “graduates” in significant leadership and governance roles in the church?
  3. Will church leadership demonstrate the value of youth and adult involvement by working with GS in evaluating the impact of the program on youth, adults and the church itself?

“I know what I believe… and I know why I believe it.”

  1. Will a trained adult mentor, supported by a prayer partner, help youth acquire
    a deeper intimacy with Jesus and grow in matters of faith, calling and prayer?

Generation Spark relationship covenant