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Online Help Center Information

The Help Center is open starting Monday, March 23, during the remote learning period!

Adam, Claire and Jonathan will provide help online during their regularly scheduled hours as long as classes are not being held on campus. Normal Help Center hours are:

  • Monday through Thursday, 7–9 p.m. EDT
  • Sunday, 5:30–7 p.m. EDT

The staff will use Google Meet and HelpMe to facilitate these meetings. You will need to sign up for a HelpMe account before asking your first question. If you want to share something handwritten with them, you can take a picture of it or download the Adobe Scan app from your phone's app store.

To request assistance

  • Go to helpme.hope.edu and join the session with session code 34858f.
  • Add a new question to the HelpMe session.  
    • Leave the Step/Question # field blank, unless you’re working on homework or a project that has individual problems on it, in which case you should add the problem number.
    • Start your question with the course number. This will help you find a similar question if someone has already asked it.  
    • Submit your question if no similar question is found.
  • Go to your Google calendar and create an event on the current date (see how).
    • Name the event [course number] 225 Help - [lastname] (replace [course number] with your course number, and [lastname] with your last name, e.g., 225 Help - McFall).
    • Invite all 3 of the Help Center staff to your event — do include an email invitation:
    • Save the event when you're done.
  • Click on the event on your calendar and then click the Join Hangouts Meet link.
  • In the Hangout, click the Present button and share your whole screen.
  • Wait for a Help Center staff member to join the conference. You can see your place in line in the HelpMe app.

If you have another question during the same help center session, don't create a new calendar event. Just ask your question in HelpMe and go back to your Hangouts Meet session.