/ Economics and Business

Business Club Leadership Team

The Business Club Leadership Team is a select group of economics and business students who plan and promote all club activities including formal business dinners, networking trips and recreational outings. 

Aireal Keefer – President
Aireal is a junior from Kalamazoo, Michigan, double majoring in business and exercise science. As president of the Business Club, she oversees the planning and execution of all club events, guides the club towards its strategic goals, and acts as a liaison between the club and the Department of Economics and Business.
Seth Van Blois – Director of Finance
Seth is a sophomore from Grand Rapids, Michigan, double majoring in public accounting and business. As director of finance, Seth tracks club expenditures and revenue while aslo working closely with the president to keep meetings on task. Aside from the Business Club, Seth also works as the analytic advisor for Hope's hockey team.
Emerson Ross – Director of Events
Emie is a junior from Grand Rapids, Michigan, majoring in business with a minor in accounting. As the director of events, she plans and coordinates all of the club's dinners, trips and company visits. Emie previously served on the marketing committee and is currently working as a marketing intern at a local non-profit.
Megan Summerfield – Director of Marketing
Megan is a sophomore from Grand Rapids, Michigan, majoring in business with a concentration in marketing. As the director of marketing, she manages all outgoing communication for the club and provides strategic insight with regard to promotional techniques.