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Hope Entrepreneurship Initiative

The Hope Entrepreneurship Initiative (HEI) comes alongside students who feel called to innovate and explore.

Whether you are interested in starting your own business, seeking disruptive organizational models or simply challenging yourself to think in new and innovative ways, HEI can surround you with the set of personalized experiences that you need. Teams of enterprising students from all majors are invited to immerse themselves in real-world settings as they identify problems and build solutions.

Regardless of your major or career interests, entrepreneurial leadership is essential for turning ideas into reality. As part of the program, students can take concepts learned in the classroom and put them to work in applied settings — all while supported by the mentorship of faculty, entrepreneurial students and business leaders.

Develop ideas and launch new ventures while considering topics such as marketing, finance, operations, strategy and sales from the perspective of a startup. As a result, you will have the opportunity to consider vocational calling in new ways and discover how entrepreneurial leadership is wrapped into the fabric of any career track.

HEI cultivates your success through:

  • Exposure – Network with alumni and business leaders, visit a broad range of firms and startups, and build meaningful relationships with the entrepreneurial community locally and globally. See what entrepreneurship looks like in action, from those who know and understand it best.
  • Development – Consider entrepreneurial leadership through the lens of your own unique vocational calling, Christian worldview and relevant values such as humility, charity and perserverance. 
  • Experience – With the support and mentorship of the Hope entrepreneurial community, explore and launch new ventures, strategize with experienced professionals and put your ideas to the test in pitch competitions.