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Support for First Year Teachers

Many new teachers struggle during their first few years in the classroom due to the numerous responsibilities and financial costs associated with their new position.

If you would like to support our Hope graduates as they transition into their own classrooms, please see the options below:

Provide Mentoring for a First Year Teacher

With a $700 financial gift, the education department will provide a highly-trained mentor to support a new teacher through their first year of teaching. This mentor will provide regular  coaching meetings, co-teaching opportunities and classroom visits that respond to the new teacher’s needs. After you fill out your contact information below, we will contact you with additional information about the new teacher you will be sponsoring.

Mentoring Support Contact Form

New Teacher Wish Lists

Support a Hope alum by purchasing an item from their Amazon wish list. By helping a new teacher get supplies for their classrooms, you reduce their financial burden and provide a better learning experience for their students.

Education Department Wish List Title

Lauren (Fairchild) DeZwaan 
New Groningen Elementary, 1st grade
Lauren’s Wish List Link

Annie (Arthurs) Cooke
Pine Creek Elementary, 2nd grade 
Annie’s Wish List Link

Mackenzie (Wierenga) DeWitt
Holland Christian Forest School, Kdg. 
Mackenzie’s Wish List Link

Halle Carpenter 
Allendale High School, Special Education 
Halle’s Wish List Link

Allyson Cosentino 
Black River Montessori, Lower Elementary
Allyson’s Wish List Link

Sofia Byrum 
Tyler Elementary, Kdg. 
Sofia’s Wish List Link

Lindsay Felicijan
Paw Paw Elementary, 1st grade
Lindsay’s Wish Link Link

Jael Stilwell
Jenison Christian, Art
Jael’s Wish List Link

Autumn VanDoornik
Beechnau Elementary, Kdg.
Autumn’s Wish List Link

Abby Hamilton
Northville High School, 9/10th grade English
Abby’s Wish List Link

Rebecca Joos
Harbor Lights Middle School, Spanish
Rebecca’s Wish List Link

Ryan Eder
Fennville Middle School, 8th grade ELA
Ryan’s Wish List Link

Lauren Fischer
Southeast Elementary, Kdg. 
Lauren’s Wish List Link

Alyssa Meier
Nickels Intermediate, 5th grade
Alyssa’s Wish List Link

Avery Conely
Bauer Elementary, 2nd grade
Avery’s Wish List Link

Anna (Frazee) Jansen
Deerfield Elementary, 1st grade
Anna’s Wish List Link

Natalie (Edwards) Platt
Old Mission Peninsula School, 2nd grade
Natalie’s Wish List Link

Carly Ford 
Grant Park Elementary, 3rd grade 
Carly’s Wish List Link

Brooke Teunis
Sandy Hill Elementary, Intervention Specialist 
Brooke’s Wish List Link

Erica Slenk
Pine Ridge Christian Elementary, 3rd grade
Erica’s Wish List Link

Sarah Cannon
East GR Middle School, Special Education
Sarah’s Wish List Link

Berkly Higgins
Orchard View Elementary, Premier Sub
Berkly’s Wish List Link

Jessica Hanson
Harbor Lights Middle School, 7th grade
Jessica’s Wish List Link

Ashley Zardus
Novi High School, Teacher/Dance Director 
Ashley’s Wish List Link