The Musical Arts Academy (MAA) is Hope College’s newest musical outreach program, welcoming students from across western Michigan.

Musical Arts Academy logoThe MAA provides students of all ages and abilities the opportunity to experience and develop a lifelong love of music. By connecting the talented teachers and students of Hope College with members of the community, MAA offers multiple avenues to explore, expand and inspire each individual’s musical development.

We offer large and chamber ensembles, day-long seminars, lecture and group instrumental courses, and summer camps for students of all ages.

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The West Michigan Children’s Choir was founded in 2012 by Sarah Cox and Jennifer Wolfe. It consists of two performance division ensembles, the KANTO and SHIRA choirs, and a preparatory ensemble, LARKS. All three meet on Monday evenings.

Flutes Soli is a group for flutists from grades 7 and higher who want to play flute music with flutists. This group is meant to be challenging for some and moderate for others, but it will be a learning experience and fun for all who join! If you are interested in joining the ensemble, please contact Julie Sooy before registering.

MAA currently offers two chamber ensembles: woodwind quintet and trombone choir. Both ensembles meet once a week with a performance each semester.

The woodwind quintet is comprised of students on flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and french horn. An audition is required for admittance. Please contact the coach, Dr. Gabe Southard, to schedule an audition prior to registration.

The trombone choir is one of MAA's newest programs and is open to students of all ages. Please contact the coach, Prof. Adam Graham, with additional questions.

Just like a language, children start learning music when they are born. At first, they watch and listen and babble in response to their environment. In Early Bird Music Classes, your child will participate in 45 minutes of informal, structured guidance in music, which will give your child the opportunity for exposure to an extensive music vocabulary and to play and experiment with music. This class is for ages birth–5 and meets on Tuesdays at 11 a.m.
MAA offers a schedule of lecture classes on a semesterly rotation. We are currently offering a course entitled Music History for Adults. This class offers an overview of music history for the Western classical music-loving non-musician who is interested to know more about composers or place works into a historical context. The class meets on Mondays at 4:30 p.m. Additional courses will be added in the future, so please check the courses and registration pages for updates.

MAA seminars are day-long workshops that focus on specific areas of study. They occur throughout the school year, usually on weekends, and are typically geared towards 6th–12th grade students. 

MAA’s seminars currently include Double Reed Day. Join other double reed players from the area for an exciting day of music and reed making. This is a great opportunity to connect with other oboe and bassoon players, discuss double reed specific topics and have a chance to be a part of a masterclass performance that will help you prepare for solo and ensemble.

MAA summer camps are one-week intensive programs starting in late June and running through the end of July. Camps are geared towards students of elementary and junior high school age and cover a wide range of topics.

MAA is constantly expanding and evolving to encompass every musical genre and style. Our programs include such diverse offerings as the West Michigan Children’s Choir, summer camps, private lessons, chamber ensembles and courses geared towards students of all ages.