/ Music Department


Musical Arts Academy (MAA) policies serve as a reference for any questions you might have, from registration through final concerts.

Individual programs may have additional policies. Please check the specific course pages for more information.


All events will take place at the Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts on the Hope College Campus. We will communicate specific room numbers for each class to students after registration is complete.


The MAA academic calendar consists of two 10-week sessions (Fall & Spring) and summer camps that run from mid-June through the end of July. Some classes may meet more or less than this at the course instructor’s approval. The calendar also includes several daylong seminars and private lessons. See the programs page for specific course offerings in each semester.


Registration and tuition should be received at the beginning of the session prior to the start of classes. If a minimum number of students do not register for the class, it may be canceled. If you are enrolled in a class that does not meet the minimum enrollment, you will be contacted before the first class and issued a refund.


If you wish to withdraw from a class, you must do so in writing. If you withdraw after the start of the session, no refund will be issued.


Regular attendance is expected. Classes missed by you will not be rescheduled. If a class is canceled due to faculty absence or closings of the facility due to weather or other circumstances, an alternate meeting time will be agreed upon. Faculty are not obligated to make up classes missed by students or clients. Refunds will not be granted for your absences. If you anticipate missing a class, please notify the teacher as soon as you know of the absence or a minimum of 24 hours before the class begins. Your instructor may have more detailed policies. Please refer to the specific course page for more information.

School Closing

In the event of inclement weather or other circumstances, an alternate meeting time may be arranged. Please check local media sources, including our Facebook and Twitter pages, to see if Hope College is open. MAA classes will automatically be canceled when Holland Public Schools close for inclement weather.

General Guidelines

No gum, food or candy is allowed in any of the teaching spaces at the Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts. This includes classrooms, ensemble rehearsal rooms, practice rooms, teaching studios and performance halls.

Student Conduct

Please respect other events and classes taking place in the music building. Please refrain from running, excessive noise and other disruptive behaviors. Cell phone use is not permitted during classroom activities.