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A city seminar incorporates your experience in the workplace — and the city — with your academic coursework.

16-week semester program

The intensive city seminars are taught by full-time faculty members and meet once a week. City seminars often fulfill general education, diversity and major- or minor-specific requirements. Receive four upper-level academic credits for this 16-week fall or spring semester course. 

Be sure to meet with your on-campus academic advisor or department chair to learn more about credit transfer. 

Students choose from one of three seminars: 
  • Power and Authority
  • Inside Out
  • Conversations and Constructions of Race and Urban Education in America

Note: course offerings may vary by semester. Students who need to take a specific course are encouraged to pre-register.

The Philadelphia Center offers five to seven electives each semester, including:
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Theory and Issues in Urban Economics 
  • Exploring Relationships in Fiction and Film: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Principles of Finance
  • Principles of Marketing Management
  • Senior Seminar
  • Social Justice

Note: course offerings vary each semester; students who need to take a specific course are encouraged to pre-register.


After successfully completing the 16-week semester program, each student will receive 16 hours of academic credit.

Internship 8 semester hours
City Seminar 4 semester hours
Elective Seminar 4 semester hours
Total 16 semester hours

8-week summer program

The Philadelphia Center’s 8-week summer program grants eight academic credits and is an option for students who:

  • Have already participated in a semester abroad but would like to explore a profession, develop skills, and/or receive job training prior to graduation
  • Cannot go off-campus for a semester due to athletic schedule or course requirements
  • Need a few extra credits for graduation
Students who participate in the 8-week summer learning work program will take the three-credit seminar, “Entering Professional Life: An Experience-Based Look at Workplace Relations.”
Credit Breakdown
After successfully completing the 8-week Summer Learning Work Program, each student will receive 8 hours of academic credit.
Internship 5 semseter hours
City Seminar 3 semester hours
Total 8 semester hours