Hope College's top priority is ensuring that each student receives effective teaching. We want every Hope graduate to think with clarity, communicate effectively, and lead lives of leadership and service in our global society.

The associate dean for teaching and learning coordinates Hope College's assessment of student learning with efforts to refine our curriculum, enhance the teaching effectiveness of our faculty and provide individualized resources to facilitate students' learning goals.

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    NEA Big Read Lakeshore and Little Read Lakeshore Receive Grants for Fall Programming

    The community-wide NEA Big Read Lakeshore and Little Read Lakeshore organized by Hope College have received grants from both the nationwide NEA Big Read and the statewide Michigan Humanities in support of this coming fall’s programming, which will visit the Dominican Republic of the late 1950s and early 1960s to explore the roles of women, memory, revolution and obedience.

  2. Academics

    Church, couch, couple: Social psychological connections between people and physical space

    American Association For The Advancement Of Science

    Dr. Benjamin Meagher, visiting assistant professor of psychology, argues that the space people shape, also shapes the individual, and that social psychology must take an “ecological” view of people in their environment. His work appears in a recently published paper in “Personality and Social Psychology Review.”

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    Schaap Chemistry Symposium
    Haworth Inn and Conference Center