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From Crisis Management to Innovation

Reimagining the Role of World Languages in the 21st Century

From Crisis Management to Innovation language conference held at Hope College.In an era of changing demographics, pragmatism and ever-tightening budgets, higher education is changing rapidly. If headlines are any indication, world language programs are often the first to be eliminated when cuts must be made.

What if language departments could be part of the solution in a more positive and proactive way? What if world languages played a leadership role in reshaping the 21st-century academy?

Originally started at Simpson College in 2015, this conference offers an opportunity for teams of language educators and college administrators to explore this question in depth. A series of provocative plenary addresses will provide fuel for discussion and innovation, and plenty of time for networking and campus team conversation is built into the program. Bring your colleagues or come on your own – either way, you will leave with a new vision and an implementable plan for the role of world languages on your campus.

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