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What is e-bill?

e-bill is a service where students and other trusted, authorized persons (e.g., parents) can access their financial account information with Hope College online. The service replaces our current paper and mail-based billing system and will allow several payment options.

Where are the instructions for using Hope College e-bill?

Instructions for setting up authorized user access to e-bill are available.

What payment options do I have?

Payments will be accepted via check, ACH transaction and credit card. \

Will there be a convenience fee with paying via credit card?

Yes.  Hope College has selected a third party company that is PCI certified to process credit card payments on our behalf.  The fee is 2.75% of the amount charged.  This was determined by the third party service provider as the cost of providing the service.  The fees paid on the credit card transaction are collected by the third party processor for this service.

Will the student account be real-time?

The e-bill accounts will be updated as close to real-time as possible.  However, due to the multiple systems across campus, some charges may not show up immediately.  For example, if a student charges their books to their student account, the amount due will usually appear on the student account within 1 business day.

Can my parents view my Hope College e-bill?

Yes - though it won't be setup that way automatically. Students will receive instructions to log into KnowHope Plus and view their online e-bill. From there they have the option to set up access for their parent, or other trusted, authorized persons by providing their email address(es).

Will the e-bill system give my parents access to other parts of KnowHope Plus?

No. e-bill access allows parents and other trusted, authorized persons to view the Hope College bill and make payments only. It does not provide access to registration, grades and other private information stored in KnowHope Plus.

I really prefer to have a paper bill.  Do I still have that option?

You may log into the ebill system, view the student account charges and print a statement at any time.

Is the payment plan still available?

Yes. The standard 10-month payment plan is still available. The annual participation fee is $50. The application process will now be paperless.  The request for the payment plan will be submitted online after you have viewed your initial July e-bill.  

How can I get help with e-bill?

Please contact Hope College Business Services during regular business hours at 616.395.7810 or