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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact with questions about...
  Residence Hall Assignments?
Student Development 395-7943
  Financial Aid/Student Loans?
Financial Aid 395-7765
  Health Clinic Charges? 
Health Clinic 395-7585
  Library Fines/Lost Book Charges? 
VanWylen Library 395-7905
  Uniform Charges?
Equipment Office 395-7917
  Parking Fines?
Public Safety 395-7770
  Budget Plan Inquiries?
Business Services 395-7810
  Board Plan Changes?
Business Services 395-7810
  Off-campus programs?
Int'l Education 395-7905
  Payments, Adjustment, & Refunds?
Business Services 395-7810
Do you accept credit cards or debit cards as payment of tuition balances?

Beginning in July 2010, payments will be accepted via check, ACH transaction and credit card. VISA will not be accepted for tuition payments due to VISA's policy. There will be a convenience fee with paying via credit card.

I have been awarded Federal Work Study (FWS) as part of my financial aid package. How does that work?
  On-campus employment earnings (FWS) are not credited directly to your student account. You must first apply for and secure a job here on campus. You are then issued a paycheck every two weeks. You then must make payments in Business Services or have your payments applied directly toward the balance of your student account through payroll deduct. (The balance on your account is due on the first day of class unless you want to take advantage of using your work-awarded earnings. Then you must pay the balance less your semester FWS award, usually $750/semester. This $750 balance is the balance that you're working toward paying off during the course of the semester.)
Where are my billing statements sent?
  Students will receive notifications in their Hope College email accounts that they can view their Hope College e-bill online. Students may also setup access for their parents or other trusted individuals by providing their email address. This will enable multiple bill notifications to be sent via e-bill.
What balance does my account have to be at in order to register?
  If you have been awarded Federal Work Study (FWS), you cannot have an outstanding balance of more than $400. If you are on a payment plan, your account must be paid to date. All other accounts must be paid in full. If you have any further questions please contact Holli Overbeek in Business Services.
If I have a credit on my account can I get a check for the balance? When?
  Refunds of credit balances on account must be requested by email to Please note that any student who is a recipient of a Parent Plus Loan can request a refund but the check will be issued to the parent responsible for the loan.
Can I eat at the Kletz with my meal plan?
  Only under special circumstances. Please contact the office of Student Development with any questions regarding this.
Can I charge Kletz Kurrency to my student account?
  Kletz Kurrency can be added to your student account balance at any time. Money is then transferred to Dining Services and may take up to seven days to be activated on your ID card.
Will I get a late charge on my account if I'm waiting on an outside scholarship to pay?
  No, but you need to inform Business Services in writing or by phone prior to the due date.
Where do I pick up student payroll checks?
  Pay checks are available in the Human Resources office. Students are encouraged to take advantage of having their paycheck directly deposited to their bank account or as payment on their student account.
Will Business Services cash my paycheck?
  No. But, if you would like to endorse your check and put it in your student account we can give you up to $30 back. (ex. $100 check = $70 toward account and $30 in cash to you) The Bookstore will cash your check or you may go to a local bank.