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Payment Plans

Hope College realizes that managing the cost of education is a challenge for most families. The College has set up a program that offers you an affordable and convenient payment option for meeting college costs.

The Hope College payment plan allows you to pay current semester expenses in five interest free installments beginning in July. The only additional cost to you is a $25 enrollment fee per semester. Enrollment begins in July after you receive your initial e-bill. The option to enroll is an online process - no more paper forms to fill out!

  • Fall Semester - Enroll after viewing your July e-bill. The 1st payment is due July 30th and the final payment is due on November 30th.
  • Spring Semester - Enroll after viewing your December e-bill. The 1st payment is due on December 31st and the final payment is due on April 30th.

Installment Plan details:

  • an e-bill is available for viewing at the beginning of each month. Each student and authorized user will be notified by email. (Students - be sure to give interested parties access to your student account by adding them as authorized users.)
  • Payment for that month is established and locked in
  • Changes occurring within that month WILL NOT change the current payment due. The charges or credit (financial aid) will affect only future installments. If the reduction or increase in payment would be significant, please call our office and we can make the adjustment for you.
  • Auto-payments are also available at no additional cost.