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Bicycle Usage Statement

Hope College supports the use of bicycles by students, faculty, staff, and visitors from the Holland community for traveling to and around our college campus.  As one of the most efficient forms of travel, bicycle use supports Hope's Sustainability Project.


All bicycles owned by students, faculty, and staff that are used on campus must be registered with the City of Holland as mandated by city ordinance. Either you can register online and then pick up the sticker at our office, or you can complete the entire process in person at the Holland Department of Public Safety.

There is no cost for a bicycle license, and it does not expire.  When you fill out the registration form, you will need to know the serial number of your bicycle, as well as its make, model, and other identifying information.  The serial number is on the frame; it is commonly found below the chain foot/pedal area, under the seat, or under the handlebars.

The license will need to be affixed to the frame of your bicycle; we recommend placing it on the bicycle frame's seat tube. 


Parking and Storage

Bicycles operated on the campus must be parked at a bicycle rack, or in a designated storage facility when it is not in use.  Campus Safety recommends that you always lock your bicycle to the bicycle rack. 

Bicycles may not be left in any non-designated area, including, but not limited to secured to fire hydrants, trees, parking signs, fences, benches, stairwells, ramps (including handicapped ramps), light posts, or in the egress path of any building.  Any bicycle found in violation of this usage statement may be removed by Campus Safety.  Campus Safety is not responsible for any damage or destruction to locks during this process.  Bicycles that are removed will be held at the Campus Safety office for 14 days.  If the bicycle is not claimed during that time, it will be turned over to the Holland Department of Public Safety. 

Bicycles may not be stored in buildings except in an appropriate storage unit in a residential hall.  These storage units are only available for students who are living in the respective building on-campus; contact Residential Life staff for more information. 

Summer storage is not available for student bicycles.  At the conclusion of each academic year, all bicycles left on exterior bicycle racks will be removed and donated. 


If your bicycle is lost or stolen while on campus, contact the Campus Safety Department immediately.  Based on the circumstances, Campus Safety may recommend that you file an additional report with the Holland Department of Public Safety for the best chance of recovery.

If it is stolen from an off-campus location, contact the Holland Department of Public Safety directly at 1-800-249-0911.

Individuals operating bicycles on the Hope College campus must obey all Michigan vehicle laws that apply to bicycles, including MCL 257.656 - 257.662.  These are available at