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Bomb Threat Checklist

In the event there is a bomb threat, Hope College Campus Safety will initiate a professional, systematic response to the incident and will coordinate the response with other agencies, as necessary, to ensure the safety of all persons affected by the threat.

Telephoned Bomb Threats

  • Employees that receive a telephoned bomb threat should obtain as much information as possible from the caller, recording the information requested on the Bomb Threat Checklist. Attempt to determine the origin of the call (caller ID on the phone display or ask them where they are calling from).
  • If possible, the employee receiving the bomb threat should signal neighboring employees that a bomb threat is taking place, and to notify Hope College Campus Safety.
  • Immediately upon hanging up, the employee who received the threat should complete the Bomb Threat Checklist to the fullest extent possible and provide the completed form to Hope College Campus Safety. This should be done alone.

Evacuation Decisions

  • The Emergency Response Team will determine if evacuation is necessary.
  • Doors to all areas will be left open upon exiting the area.