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There may be times when communication on Campus is needed to report or respond to an emergency.  Hope College has several means of communicating in an emergency.  The success of being able to communicate will depend on the circumstances in which these communication systems are used and the volume of calls that are made on them. In the event of a campus-wide emergency, please refrain from using cell phones whenever possible to prevent overloading cellular systems.


If you need to communicate during an emergency your options include the following on Campus:


Communication Medium Contact Number        Information Agency
Campus Landline Phones 911     

Campus Safety

Cell Phones     911 Ottawa County Central Dispatch
Campus Centrex Phones      
8-911 Ottawa County Central Dispatch
Campus Safety Line   616.395.7770 Campus Safety
Campus Safety Info Center 616.395.7000 

Non-Emergency Information

KnowHope Webpage Public Relations
Public Relations Office 616.395.7860 Public Relations