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Call 911and Campus Safety 616.395.7770


Provide the following information to the dispatcher or any officer on scene:

  • The nature of the incident
  • Specific location and number of people at your location
  • If medical assistance is needed and types of injuries
  • Give the assailant’s location
  • Type of weapon (long gun or hand gun)
  • Identity (if known)
  • Description of the person (Clothing, hair color, hat, backpack, etc.) 

In the event of active shooter or shooter on campus: RUN, HIDE, FIGHT!


Get Out and Call Out – Move quickly to get out and away from situation, leave your belongings and call 911 provide the name of the shooter if known, shooter’s description, location, number and type of weapon.


Hide Out and Keep Out – If you are not able to get out, find a well hidden and protected space.  Find a place that can be locked with objects to hide behind.  Blockade the door with heavy furniture, turn out the lights, and be silent.  Turn off noise-producing device; call 911 if you can do so without alerting the shooter.


Spread Out and Take Out - If you are not alone, DO NOT huddle together, quietly develop a plan of action if the shooter enters the room.  Remain calm.  Assume the shooter’s intentions are lethal and will succeed in killing all those with whom he comes in contact UNLESS you stop him.  You must be prepared to do whatever it takes to neutralize the threat:

  • Throw things, yell, use improvised weapons
  • If two or more of you, make a plan to overcome the shooter
  • Do everything you can – choose to survive.   

Additional information and training is available through the Campus Safety office.


What to expect from police:

  • Do as the officers direct you and keep your hands visible at all times.
  • If possible, tell the officers where the shooter(s) was last seen and a description of the shooter(s).
  • First responding officers are trained to proceed as quickly as possible to the gunfire and to stop the shooter(s).
  • Be aware that the first responding police officers will not stop to assist injured people. Others will follow to treat the injured.