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Faculty-Student Collaborative Research

The work of Carl Frost has supported the concept of the mentoring process as a powerful tool for learning. The Frost Research Center awards grants to faculty who are interested in collaborating with students to conduct social science research. Support for this program comes from the President’s Fund for Frost Center Student-Faculty Research. Click here for more information about applying for a Faculty-Student Research Grant.

In addition to supplying funding and technical expertise to faculty-student projects, the Center assists individual faculty in the following ways:

  • Assistance with in-class research projects
  • Production of surveys
  • Workspace for student research assistants
  • Assistance with SPSS and other data-analysis needs

Institutional and Departmental Research

The Hope College Office of Institutional Research provides reports, data and analysis related to all aspects of Hope College. It is also responsible for reporting data to national organizations including IPEDS, NSSE and HEDS. For more information see the Institutional Research website.