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Dental Insurance

Aflac Dental

Aflac Premier Coverage

Aflac Dental Application

Aflac Standard Coverage

Aflac Cancellation Form

Aflac Basic Coverage

Aflac Dental Rates

Blue Dental Choice  
Plan 2 (no ortho) 17-18
Plan 2 (no ortho) 16-17

Plan 3 (child ortho) 17-18

Plan 3 (child ortho) 16-17

Blue Dental Choice Rates 17-18

Blue Dental Choice Rates 16-17

Blue Dental Application

Blue Dental PPO Directory (Dental Network of America)

Customer Service Contacts

Aflac Agent (Karen Molengraf)
1.800.344.3531 ex. 7251

Blue Dental Customer Service

Blue Dental Claim Form
Use this form for claims at non-participating dental providers - directions and mailing address are on form.