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Distracted Driver Policy

In order to increase employee safety and eliminate unnecessary risks behind the wheel, Hope College has enacted a Distracted Driving Policy effective immediately. We are committed to avoiding the perils of distracted driving and have created the following policy which applies to any employee operating a Hope College vehicle:

  • Hope College employees may not manually dial a hand-held cell phone while operating a college vehicle while the vehicle is in motion. The college also encourages employees to avoid cell phone conversations while the vehicle is in motion as this can distract a driver from his/her full attention to the road and the surrounding elements.
  • If Hope College employees need to use their phones, they should pull over safely to the side of the road or another safe location.
  • Michigan State Law prohibits texting while driving.
  • Additionally, Hope College employees should:
    • Consider hands free dialing, walkie talkie, or radio to radio communications to avoid the need to divert one’s eyes from the road.
    • Inform clients, associates and business partners of this policy as an explanation of why calls may not be answered or returned immediately.
  • Failure to abide by this policy could jeopardize your ability to use a college owned vehicle. Due to the potential of personal injury to yourself and others, the college could consider disciplinary action as well.