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PATH Qualifications*
Listed below are the recommended ACT scores for PATH students. Please contact the PATH office if your student's scores do not reflect his or her academic history and you would like to discuss them further.

Composition and Literature: 20 in both Reading and English sections

Pre-Algebra: Student has completed 6th grade math, or has shown mastery of skills in equivalent content.

Algebra I: 19 in the Math section with a Composite or Reading Composite of 20

Geometry/Algebra II: 21 in the Math section with a Composite or Reading Composite of 20

Biology: 21 in the Science section with a Composite or Reading Composite of 20

ACT Information

Here is a link to ACT resources.

Students under the age of 13 will need to request either on-line or by phone a registration packet from ACT. Students age 13 and over are able to sign up directly on-line. (Note: when filling out ACT forms, it is not necessary to complete all career information.) The ACT additional writing portion is not a mandatory requirement for PATH qualification.

Please be sure to check testing times and sites before completing registration. Testing sites and high school codes are not the same. Testing sites are the physical location and the high school code is where scores are sent.

If you would like student scores sent to PATH please include the code 3184 on the registration form in the space provided. If the code 3184 was not included during registration, students are still eligible for PATH by providing a copy to the PATH office.

Helpful guides for the ACT:
Preparing for the ACT 2014/2015
NUMATS Family Handbook 2014
Check your local library for other helpful books and software!