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Mission Statement

The Physical plant department's mission is to provide the best possible physical environment to sustain the spiritual, academic, domestic and athletic lifestyle of students at Hope College.

We will accomplish this mission by:

  • Providing well designed, well constructed, attractive, comfortable and clean facilities and grounds.
  • Providing all of the necessary services to support the students, faculty and staff.
  • Always striving to do what is best for the employees, students and the College on a basis that is the most equitable for all three partners.


Our campus is situated on 91 acres in a residential area next to the downtown of Holland, Michigan. The campus includes:

  • 33 Academic/Administrative buildings (1,130,935 sq. ft)
  • 24 Dorms/Apartments (457,973 sq. ft)
  • 73 Cottages (College owned or leased student homes (150,973 sq. ft)
  • 11 Rentals/Leases (55,282 sq. ft)
  • Approximately 3,300 students (2,200 in campus housing)

Physical plant’s team consists of:

  • a Director
  • an Operations manager
  • an Office Adminstrative Assistant
  • a Project Manager and two part-time Project Assistants
  • a Maintenance Manager with 12 Trades' personnel
  • a Grounds Manager with four grounds keepers
  • five Custodial Managers with 41 full time and 13 part time custodians
  • a Setup Coordinator
  • two Campus Service personnel
  • plus, many Student Employees who are vital to our team throughout the entire year.