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Custodial Services

Welcome to Custodial Services! We are responsible for the daily cleaning and light maintenance of carpeting and hard surface flooring as well as furnishings and fixtures of restrooms, classrooms, labs, offices, studios and common areas in the variety of buildings. We are also responsible for trash removal, recycling and some snow removal. During academic breaks, we are responsible for thorough cleaning in all our facilities.

Our team brings its high standards of service primarily to first shift but also to some second and third shift positions.Our staff is also available 24 hours a day for emergency calls.

Each member of the custodial staff is assigned to one of five Building Services Managers (BSM's), each responsible for a variety of buildings and a number of “cottages”.

Central Campus Team

Jenny Daldos
Jenni Daldos , BSM
DeWitt Center (admin / student offices)
Durfee (academic)
Campus Safety (admin)
Phelps Hall (housing/dining)
Martha Miller Center (acad)
Nykerk (academic)
VanVleck (housing)

Bill's Team: Diane Francisco, Amelia Herman, Sherman Labarge. (not pictured: Trevor Boss, Eric Elgersma, Willy Marquez, Theo Roberts, Abigail Veltman)

  Diane Fransisco Sherman LaBarge    


Campus West Team

Fred Cronberg

Fred Cronberg, BSM
Dimnent Chapel
Graves Hall (academic)
Van Wylen (Library)
Van Zoeren (academic)
Vander Werf Halls (acad)
Kraker Apts (housing)

Schaap Science Ctr (acad)
Vennema Apts. (housing)
Theil Research Ctr (acad)
Voorhees (housing)
Kraker Annex Apts. (hsng)
Gazelle Apts. (housing)

Fred's Team: Donna Bronsink, Rick Calanchi, Lila Coffey, Shelley Roach, Ed Serrano, Mary VanKlompenberg, Esther Zuniga, Hector Zuniga.
(not Pictured: Bob Dykstra, Jacob Huffman, Mike Wilson)

  Donna Bronsink Rick Calanchi Lila Coffey Shelley Roberts    
Ed Serrano Mary VanKlompenberg Esther Zuniga Hector Zuniga  


Campus North Team

Sue Volkers
Sue Volkers, BSM
Dykstra Hall (housing)
Gilmore Hall (housing)
Cook Hall (housing)
Lubbers Hall (academic)
Brownstone Apts. (housing)
Parkview Apts. (housing)
Oggel Apts. (housing)
Anderson Werkman (acad/admin)
North Cottages (housing)

Sue's Team: Linnay Aalderink, Dave Brondyke, Moy Rasasak, Kham Xayasane (not pictured: Tammy Clendening, Song Lotkhamnga)



Linnay Alderink
Dave Brondyke    
Moy Rasasak
Khan Xayasane  


Campus East Team

Mike Culver , BSM
Dow Center (athletic, including pool)
DeWitt Tennis Center (athl)
Lugers Field House (athletic)
DePree Art Center (acad)
Physical Plant Offices (admin)
DeVos Fieldhouse (athletic)
Van Andel Soccer Stadium (athletic)
Boeve Baseball Stadium (athletic)
Wolters Softball Stadium (athletic)
Ray & Sue Smith Football Stadium (athletic)
East Cottages (housing)

Mike's Team: Dale Bronsink, Shawn Drost, Deb Hardy, Andrea Loew, Diana Morgan (not pictured: Alan Diaz, Michael Vos)

  Dale Bronsink Shawn Drost Deb Hardy  
  Diana Morgan    


Campus South Team

Lee Wilson
Lela Wilson, BSM
Kollen Hall (housing)
Lichty Hall (housing)
Scott Hall (housing)
Wyckoff Hall (housing)
College East (housing)
Brumler Apts. (housing)
Columbia Apts. (housing)
South Cottages (housing)
Transportation (admin)

Lee's Team: Norma Buursma, Darlene Dirkse, Sherman LaBarge, Norm Sankey, Rhonda VanDussen, (not pictured: Vicki Corneanu, Tricia Kloosterman, Kathy Lundy)

  Norma Buursma Darlene Dirkse Sherman LaBarge    
  Rhonda VanDussen