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Student Assessment of Learning and Teaching (SALT)
Procedures for Administration

SALT Faculty Survey and Student Response Rates

Guidelines for Reviewing and Interpreting SALT Results and SALT Faculty Consultants

SALT in Moodle for mid-term assessment

Access Your SALT Results

SALT Distribution Information

Frequently Asked Questions about SALT Administration

Sample SALT form

Check SALT Completion Rates

What students see when they do the online SALT

Tips from faculty to increase SALT participation

SALT will be administered in every course unless there are special reasons not to do so (see step 3 below). If one or more of your courses is doing SALT on paper this semester, SALT forms will automatically be delivered to your department office.


  1. You want to use SALT, without any added questions, in all of your courses for the semester.

In this case, assessment forms in packets for each of your courses will be delivered to your department office without your doing anything. You will need to set aside a 20-minute interval in one class session for each of your courses to administer SALT. Please read the enclosed instructions to your class, ask a student to deliver the completed forms to the Frost Center, and leave the room while students complete SALT.

  1. You want to use SALT and add supplemental questions for one or more courses.

    Please distribute the supplemental questions to your students when you pass out SALT and ask the student who returns the SALT forms to the Frost Research Center to give the answers to supplemental questions to your department secretary to keep until after your course grades have been turned in.

  2. You don't want to use SALT in one or more of your courses for the semester.

    You will need to contact your Dean, stating your reasons for excluding your course(s), and requesting permission not to allow your students the opportunity to use SALT to assess their learning in your course(s).

Frequently Asked Questions about SALT Administration

If you have any technical or procedural questions not covered under FAQ, feel free to contact Laurie Van Ark, Frost Center, (x7556 or vanark@hope.edu) or Ryan McFall, Dept. of Computer Science (x7952 or mcfall@hope.edu).

Policy questions should be directed to the Provost's office.