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SALT in Moodle for mid-term assessment

If you are interested in using the SALT tool in an informal way for midterm course assessment, you can choose it as an activity within your Moodle course. If you use it in this way it will be totally for your own use and will not be aggregated through the Frost Center nor will it be available for others to see, and it will reside solely within your Moodle course.

Here is how you can activate it within your Moodle course:

  1. Log in to your course at http://courses.hope.edu.
  2. "Turn editing on" by clicking the button by that name in the upper right of the screen, or using the top link in your Administration menu.
  3. Choose which block in which to place it and click on the "Add an activity..." pull-down menu in that block. Click on the "Questionnaire" option of the pull-down menu. This opens up a screen entitled "Editing Questionnaire".
  4. On this "Adding a new Questionnaire" options page, give it a name and summary description. Both are required.
  5. Under "Timing" set the Open and Close date if you wish. This is not required.
  6. Under "Response Options" set "Type" to "respond once", set "Respondent Type" to "anonymous" and under "Students can view ALL responses" choose to whom you want the completed SALT to be viewed and when. You can give your students credit for doing the SALT or not by making a choice from the "Submission grade" pull-down menu.
  7. This option is critical. Under "Content Options" and the "Copy existing" sub-option, click the radio button next to "Student Assessment of Learning and Teaching (SALT) ". This chooses the pre-existing SALT survey and copies it to your course.
  8. When you are done, don't forget to click the "Save and return to course" button near the bottom of the page.

Even if you don't employ Moodle for other purposes in your course, you can still use Moodle to administer this assessment. Remember that a Moodle course has been created for every course of the Fall semester, and all your students are registered in it.

If you have questions about using your Moodle course in this way or have problems activating SALT, please contact Barry Bandstra, Director of Academic Computing, bandstra@hope.edu.