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Reporting Unsafe Conditions or Actions

Safety is an operational function, while an accident is an operational failure. Unsafe working conditions, unsafe acts of personnel or a combination of both causes ninety-eight percent of all accidents and injuries.

An unsafe condition is created by improper control of the physical, mechanical, and environmental exposures of the workplace.

An unsafe act is a violation of an accepted work practice or method.

Careful control of conditions and acts will prevent accidents and injuries and improve operational efficiency. Therefore, accident prevention is not something separate or additional to the regular job but is the combination of safe conditions and equipment and safe work procedures interwoven into every phase of the operation.

Unsafe conditions or acts should be reported to your supervisor immediately. A person who makes a mistake and does nothing about it has already made his second mistake. Accidents should be investigated as soon after the occurrence as possible in order to determine the causes and to initiate corrective action.

If you come across an unsafe action or condition and you wish to report it, you may contact the Occupational Health and Fire Safety office. If an emergency exists and you need someone right away, please call Campus Safety at 616.395.7770.