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Noise Protection


The purpose of this safety policy is to prevent hearing loss in employees who are exposed to high levels of noise during the time they are working at Hope College.

This policy applies to all employees who are exposed to noise levels of 80 dB or greater over an 8 hour 5 day workweek.
Exposure Determination

High noise levels in the workplace should be brought to the attention of the Occupational Health and Fire Safety office by calling extension 7999. The Occupational Health and Fire Safety office will check on the noise level using a sound meter to establish how loud the noise is.
Engineering Controls

Engineering controls such as mufflers on heavy equipment, or sound deadening devices shall be installed whenever possible to reduce noise levels.
Hearing Protection Devices

If engineering solutions cannot reduce the noise level employees will be given the opportunity to select hearing protective devices from a variety of suitable ones provided by the Occupational Health and Fire Safety office. In all cases the chosen hearing protectors shall have a Noise Reduction Ration (NRR) high enough to reduce the noise at the ear drum to 85 dB or lower.