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Accident Prevention Signs and Tags
(MIOSHA Part 37)


This part provides rules for the design, application and use of signs or symbols and tags to define or signal a specific hazard in, around or about a place of employment where the failure to designate the hazard could lead to an injury.


Any sign or tag system used by the employer to warn employees of any condition that might cause or would be likely to cause injury if the employee were not alerted to the hazard shall consist of the following colors;

  1. Danger:      Red
  2. Caution:     Yellow
  3. Safety:       Green


  1. Danger sign or tag - (means a) sign or tag used to signal an immediate hazard

  2. Caution sign or tag - (means a) sign or tag used to warn of a potential hazard or to warn against an unsafe practice.

  3. Out of order tags - should only be used for the specific purpose of indicating that equipment or machinery is out of order and that its use might create a hazard.

  4. Safety instructional signs shall be used for a general instruction or suggestion relative to safety measures.

Safety signs can be obtained from the Occupational Health and Fire Safety Office by Contacting them at Ext 7999.