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Academic Computing


October 2, 2012 - Restructuring of ACAT.

Beginning in the Fall of 2013, ACAT will be a committee (Academic Computing Committee) positioned under the Academic Affairs Board.

The Functions of the Committee will be:

  1. To assist the college community to develop and sustain an institutional vision for the goals of instructional technology in light of the mission of the college.
  2. To promote the exploration and use of digitally mediated instruction in ways that are pedagogically appropriate to Hope's academic curriculum.
  3. To collaborate with the Assessment Committee to ensure the effective assessment of digitally mediated instruction across the curriculum.
  4. To appraise the need for additional equipment, training, and faculty support, and to advise the college how to address these.
  5. To provide training and support for faculty in implementing technologies in teaching and learning, and to promote innovations that utilize instructional technology in ways that are pedagogically effective.
  6. To administer the faculty technology innovation fund and the annual innovation award.
  7. To study and make policy recommendations on any item referred to it by the Academic Affairs Board.

Membership of the Committee will be composed of:

  • Four faculty members (one from each division, including the board liaison)
  • Two students appointed by Student Congress
  • Director of Academic Computing
  • Director, CIT
  • Deans' Council representative
  • Library representative