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Workshops and Seminars

The Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning regularly hosts two faculty development workshops each academic year.


August, 25, 2016: Pre-College Conference, Vocation and Higher Education: Hope as a National Leader

Introduction: David Cunningham

Conclusion: Announcing a NetVUE Grant for Faculty Development
Curtis Gruenler, Director, GenEd/IDS

2016 Pre-College Conference, books mentioned in presentations. 13 books mentioned by Karen Nordell Pearson and David Cunningham, with links to Van Wylen Library catalog.




November 11th: Lunch with Greg Wegner, Director of Program Development at the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA). Mr. Wegner will introduce a new program that the GLCA is launching with support of the Teagle Foundation, called the GLCA Center for Teaching and Learning. The goal of this program is to build a network of faculty members interested in the enhancement of pedagogy and student learning with colleagues of other GLCA member institutions – in effect expanding the resources in support of effective teaching and learning at liberal arts colleges.

In addition, Mr. Wegner will describe existing programs that are available to faculty members of all GLCA colleges.  These include: 

· the Mellon-funded Expanding Collaboration Initiative, which provides financial support for faculty members seeking to collaborate with colleagues of other GLCA institutions on topics of shared interest;

· the GLCA-Library of Congress Faculty-Student Research Initiative, which supports a faculty member working in partnership with a small team of student researchers for ten days in summer in Washington, DC; and

· the GLCA Boston Summer Seminar, providing support for faculty-student research teams at one of several archival institutions for three weeks in Boston. 


September 21-23: Dr. Omid Fotuhi, Stanford University. Project Manager of the College Transition Collaborative and Research Associate at Stanford's Intervetions Lab, Dr. Fotuhi's work focuses on finding ways to scale interventions proven to boost college students' achievement and well-being, while narrowing group disparities.

Monday, 7:30 pm, presentation for students: "The Power of Beliefs: Adaptive Mindsets for Success in School." Winants Auditorium

Tuesday, September 22
7:30 am - breakfast workshop for faculty and staff - "Improving Student Engagement and Learning." This interactive discussion will include a conversation about basics of students' psychology and motivation in the classroom, with an emphasis on tangible strategies that educators can utilize to better convey high standards and foster learning. The session will end with a question and answer period, for a deeper exploration of the issues and solutions. It will be held in Maas Conference Room, starting at 7:30 am with breakfast, and running to about 9:00 am.

11:00 am - Q&A with FACES students.

12:00 pm - HHMI lunch/workshop - "Improving Student Engagement and Learning."

4:00 pm - presentation for faculty and staff: "Mindset Interventions to Promote Student Success." VanderWerf 102.

Wednesday, September 23
9:00 am - Informal conversation with psychology faculty


March 30: Dr. Barbara Oakley, author of "A Mind for Numbers."


March 7: GLCA Connecting Disciplines Workshop. 9:00 am - 2:00 pm. RSVP by 3/3 on the Google RSVP form.

February 21: Initium Retreat on The Imitation of Christ. Open to all faculty, 8:30 -2:30. RSVP to by 1/23.

January 5: Faculty Workshop, 8:30-11:30, Schaap 1118: A Global Approach to Understanding Ebola: Implications for the Academy


January 6, 2014: Faculty Workshop on Best Practices in Global Learning
February 22, 2014: Initium Retreat, Imago Dei: Human Dignity in Ecumenical Perspecitive.

February 16, 2013: Initium Retreat, How Faith Relates to Teaching and Scholarship

February 10, 2009: Faculty Workshop on Increasing Student Engagement














































3/30/15 Visit from Dr. Barabara Oakley, author or "A Mind for Numbers
A Mind for Numbers


GLCA Environmental Dashboard Project 11/20/2014 Slides
Environmental Dashboard slides