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Bus Reservations


We maintain a fleet of vehicles that are available for faculty, staff, and certified students when conducting college-related business. Reservations are based on availability and the type of vehicle best fit for the intended use. There are a limited number of vehicles, so please reserve early. If all College vehicles are reserved, other options may be pursued through an external rental agency. If you have questions about specific trip costs & scenarios, please contact us at 616.395.4947. After your trip, please fill out this feedback form to help us improve your experience for the next trip.

Rental Procedure:

Requests must be made online through EMS. First time users, please review the instructions.

Requests must be made at least two business days in advance to be considered. We honor first reservations as much as possible, so please reserve early.

For urgent situations and last minute reservations: During business hours, a vehicle may be obtained, if one is available, for urgent situations. Availability is limited for such situations due to requirements for vehicle inspection, cleaning, fueling, driver availability, and maintenance. No reservations will be granted after 4pm or on the weekends.

All bus rentals include a certified driver. Keep in mind that the federal requirements for CDL drivers are a maximum of 10 hours driving per day, 15 hours 'on duty,' and 8 hours of off time between days. Please plan accordingly. Common practice for bus trips is to include all meals and, if overnight, private lodging for bus drivers charged to your department fund.

A bus will be selected for you based upon availability, type of event, number of passengers and trip distance. Please note your trip leader's cell phone number, pick-up time and location, destination address, and a detailed itinerary on the request form.

You will be charged $135 or $2.40/mile, whichever is greater. If you cancel your reservation less than 48 hours before your scheduled trip, you will still be charged $135 for the rental.