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Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors provide a strong connection between students and alumni, and help graduating students transition to alumni status. The group hosts networking events and programs, as well as career mentoring and social opportunities.

Student Ambassadors 2017The Hope College Student Ambassadors includes 30+ sophomores, juniors and seniors. The group is selected each spring through a competitive application process, and meets twice monthly. It is co-advised by staff representatives from Alumni Relations and Student Development.

Group members connect with alumni at a variety of events, such as Homecoming and Alumni Weekend, and are responsible for unique programming on campus throughout the year.

In turn, these students benefit from valuable leadership experience, unique networking opportunities and professional and personal development training. The Student Ambassadors participate in both the Gallup StrengthsFinder and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and take part in leadership development through group readings, guest speakers, and holistic training to guide each individual through the process of identity formation and vocational discernment.

For more information about the Hope College Student Ambassadors, or how to become a member, please contact alumni@hope.edu. Recruiting takes place in the spring semester and meetings take place throughout the school year.

Meet the 2016–17 Student Ambassadors:

Josh Augustine ’17

Josh AugustineJosh is a mechanical engineering major from Maple Grove, Minnesota. His favorite thing about Hope is the countless traditions you can find around campus. 

Email: joshua.augustine@hope.edu

Matt Baxter ’16

Matt is a management major, economics and leadership minor from Saline, Michigan. His favorite thing about Hope is seeing familiar faces every day while still getting an incredible education.

Email: matthew.baxter@hope.edu

Mikaila Bisson ’17

Mikaila is an English and creative writing major from Sterling Heights, Michigan. She says, "I love that there are so many different outlets to express my faith here at Hope. From chapel and the Gathering, to Bible studies and mentors, there is always someone to talk to about any questions that I have. I have grown and continue to grow in my faith every day here."

Email: mikaila.bisson@hope.edu

Natalie Brown ’17

Natalie is a communication and leadership major from Aurora, Illinois. Her favorite thing about Hope is the intentional community that lies within it. She says, "From on-campus friendships to professor-student relationships, Hope seems to thrive with a liveliness found within intentional communication and relationship building."

Email: natalie.brown@hope.edu

Victoria Chapman ’18

Victoria is a communications and management major from Canton, Michigan. Her favorite thing about Hope is the overwhelming sense of community among staff and students.

Email: victoria.chapman@hope.edu

Yordanos Dessie ’19

Yordanos DessieYordanons is a psychology and political science major studying pre-med from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She says, "My favorite thing about Hope is the community and opportunities for students! There's a great foundation of support spread around campus that if you're seeking out for something, whether it be related to academics, co-curriculars or personal, there's always someone there who cares and can help!"

Email: yordanos.dessie@hope.edu

Ariana Destiney ’19

Ariana DestineyAriana is a psychology major from Holland, Michigan. Her favorite thing about Hope is the caring staff members who truly want what's best for each student.

Email: ireana.bernal@hope.edu

Joseph Fifer ’18

Joseph FiferJoseph is a biology major from Caledonia, Michigan, who hopes to become a veterinarian. He says, "My favorite thing about Hope is the Christian community, which has been a great support and has helped me to grow in my faith."

Email: joseph.fifer@hope.edu

Kyle Funk ’18

Kyle FunkKyle is an environmental studies major from Grand Haven, Michigan. He says, "I love meeting the wonderful people of the Hope family. The friends, alumni, families, staff and faculty all at Hope share a deep sense of joy in the world. As for events, my personal favorite is Groovin in the Grove. Which is where we gather in the Pine Grove and sing worship songs the evening before classes start."

Email: kyle.funk@hope.edu

Catherine Hagenbush ’17

Catherine HagenbushCatherine is a communication major from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her favorite thing about Hope is the sense of community between students, faculty and community members.

Email: catherine.hagenbush@hope.edu

John Hunger ’18

John HungerJohn is a public accounting major from Bay Village, Ohio.

Email: john.hunger@hope.edu

Ryan Johnson ’17

Ryan is a business management major from Milford, Michigan. He says, "The people at Hope College make the experience. Whether it is awesome students, amazing professors, or caring faculty, everyone is so nice and caring and helps cultivate an environment that is unparalleled."

Email: ryan.johnson@hope.edu

Rourke Mullins ’18

Rourke MullinsRourke is a communications major from Batavia, Illinois. His favorite thing about Hope is the incredible people.

Email: rourke.mullins@hope.edu

Kathleen Muloma ’19

Kathleen MulomaKathleen is a chemistry major with a biochemistry emphasis from Indianapolis, Indiana. Her favorite thing about Hope is "the community within and between groups. People are kind. Teachers genuinely know you and care about your entire self, not just your GPA. It's home."

Email: kathleen.muloma@hope.edu

Alec Nelson ’19

Alec NelsonAlec is a physics major from Richmond, Virginia. He greatly appreciates the opportunities for research and learning that Hope provides.

Email: alec.nelson@hope.edu

Elizabeth Orians ’18

Elizabeth OriansElizabeth is a math education major from Carmel, Indiana. Her favorite thing about Hope is the support system of faculty, staff and students.

Email: elizabeth.orians@hope.edu

Kevin Rukundo ’18

Kevin is a management and French major from Kigali, Rwanda. His says, "I love the small school atmosphere and all the different opportunities there are to get involved here at Hope."

Email: kevin.rukundo@hope.edu

Garrett Sims ’17

Garrett is a religion major from Harrisburg, Oregon. His favorite thing about Hope is that "it truly is home."

Email: garrett.sims@hope.edu

Abigail Smith ’17

Abigail is a nursing major from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She says, "The professors and staff at Hope are passionate about what they teach and truly care about their students' successes and failures. Incorporating faith into what I am learning and having professors as role models in the field of nursing helps me understand what kind of nurse I aspire to be in my career."

Email: abigail.smith.1@hope.edu

Abigail Ivy Smith ’17

Abigail Ivy SmithAbigail is a business management major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She says, "I love all of the opportunities there are to get involved on campus and in the Holland community."

Email: abigail.smith@hope.edu

Maya Smith ’19

Maya SmithMaya is a chemistry major from Southfield, Michigan. She says, "My favorite thing about Hope is the communities that have accepted me and that have helped me to thrive here."

Email: maya.smith@hope.edu

Marissa Solorzano ’19

Marissa is a biochemistry and molecular biology major from Holland, Michigan. She says, "I love the collectiveness, teamwork mindset that students, staff and faculty have. Studying in the science field, it is remarkable how much students focus on building each other up and working together rather than competition. As well, the faculty allow novel and student lead research projects which is a rare and amazing characteristic of Hope."

Email: marissa.solorzano@hope.edu

Luke Stehney ’19

Luke StehneyLuke is a political science major from Royal Oak, Michigan. His favorite thing about Hope is the people: "Hope is a community full of people who encourage you to use your full potential and become the best you."

Email: luke.stehney@hope.edu

Curissa Sutherland-Smith ’18

Curissa Sutherland-SmithCurissa is a psychology major from Chicago, Illinois. She says, "My favorite thing about Hope is the close community we have. There is a strong bond between students, faculty and staff. The Hope community is a special place. It is here that I found a family away from home!"

Email: curissa.sutherlands@hope.edu

Allison Utting ’18

Allison UttingAllison is a secondary education social studies major from Grandville, Michigan. She says, "I'm in love with the community at Hope and its commitment to helping students grow spiritually, academically, personally and professionally."

Email: allison.utting@hope.edu

Nicole Walsh ’18

Nicole WalshNicole is a special education: learning disabilities and emotional impairments major from London, UK. She says, "My favorite thing about Hope is the community and the people I am surrounded with. I couldn't have asked for a better community, one where I am able to grow as a person, an educator and as a follower of Christ."

Email: nicole.walsh@hope.edu

Isabel Wanyagah ’17

Isabel is an economics major from Nairobi, Kenya. Her favorite thing about Hope is the small class sizes!

Email: isabel.wanyagah@hope.edu

Ashley Warner ’18

Ashley WarnerAshley is a biology major from Spring Lake, Michigan. She says, "My favorite thing about Hope would the community aspect. Whether you are a student, professor or faculty member, each group pushes one another to become a more well-rounded person."

Email: ashley.warner@hope.edu

Spencer Westley ’17

Spencer is a management and communication major from Kalamazoo, Michigan. He says, "My favorite thing about Hope are the student-professor relationships. I’ve loved getting to know the faculty and staff here on campus, as they have all shaped and molded me in positive ways during my college career."

Email: spencer.westley@hope.edu