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Community Needs

Holland and West Ottawa schools serve thousands of elementary-level students who are bright and capable of advancing from one grade to the next with no special assistance. But there are hundreds of other students in our schools who struggle daily. Without intervention, these students are at very high risk of failing classes and eventually even dropping out of school.

By working to close this gap, CASA serves a critical Community Need. Teachers and school counselors in the district refer students to CASA who need extra help to succeed in school. We work with these children in a supportive and encouraging environment to help them reach their full learning potential.

A few key statistics tell you a lot about the Student Population that CASA currently serves – and hopes to reach even more effectively in the future.

  • 96% of CASA students come from low- to extremely-low income households
  • 78% of CASA students read below grade level upon entering the program
  • CASA currently serves approximately 160 students in grades 1-5
  • Area school personnel report a need to refer an additional 450 students to CASA
  • CASA students are ethnically diverse
    • 71% Hispanic
    • 12% African-American
    • 8% Caucasian
    • 6% Asian
    • 3% Other

"I like CASA because I have a great tutor. CASA helps with my math and reading. I like practicing making change with my tutor. My mom likes that I can come to CASA every week to get extra help. "

-3rd grader Alexis, age 8,
with CASA tutor Tracy