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Our Programs

CASA helps struggling students succeed by supplementing their regular school experience, not substituting for it. We’re here to provide the additional tutoring and one-on-one attention that many students need. These children’s primary school experience remains essential to their academic and social development. CASA programs are designed to build on the education that starts in the schools, leveraging their curriculum and schedule.

CASA Program Descriptions

  • Academic Year Tutoring – CASA offers one-on-one, after-school tutoring for four days per week during the school year. Each student attends two sessions each week on either a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule.  This program is for at-risk students in grades 1-5 who are referred by their schools. Special care is taken to select capable yet struggling students who are falling behind due to inadequate preparation, motivation or opportunity. Each student is matched with one tutor and works with this same person every session, building a strong relationship between the two. Other key aspects of this program include:
    • Free transportation – offered every day from school to CASA, leaving for home by 5 pm. 
    • Students arrive, eat a healthy snack and prepare to begin working with their tutor.
    • Homework time – first academic activity during each tutoring session
    • Reading time – provided during each session using books from school plus CASA’s extensive grade-level reading library
    • Enrichment time – opportunity to work with flash cards, play educational games and use the CASA computer lab
    • Daily report – tutors prepare a daily report for each student at the end of every session. Scores are shared with each student every day to give immediate feedback and encourage them to do their best.


  • Summer Program – CASA offers a six-week summer school program each year with students attending four sessions per week. This program is also for at-risk children in grades 1-5, including many who participate in our Academic Year Tutoring sessions. Summer breaks – which naturally interrupt the education of all schoolchildren – can be particularly detrimental to the academic progress of students who face academic challenges. Our summer program helps fill this gap with highly individualized teaching. Other key aspects of this program include:
    • Free transportation – offered each session from the home to the program site and back
    • Free meals – both breakfast and lunch are included.
    • Individualized attention – classes are kept small with a certified teacher and classroom assistant in each
    • Consistency – sessions are held four mornings per week, four hours each, for six weeks from June through July
    • Curriculum – teachers focus on remedial and basic academics
    • Personal enrichment – classes also go on outings to the art museum, theater and nature centers that our students may not get to experience otherwise.  Each class also participates in a service project in the community.

"I have a really nice tutor who helps me because my mom doesn't understand english very well. I feel good because it makes me feel like home, just a little bit different."

-4th grader Maria, age 9,
with CASA tutor Jaime