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Gifts and Donations

Since all of our tutors work without pay, CASA is able to make a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of children with a relatively small budget. Nonetheless, we do have several hard costs like transportation, snacks and supplies for students, and salaries for our staff. To meet these expenses, we rely entirely on Gifts & Donations from people with big hearts, like you.

Our individual and corporate donors get a lot back in return – starting with the satisfaction of knowing that they’re helping give kids a boost that will last their whole lifetime. Supporting CASA also helps improve the quality of the area’s future workforce, of particular interest to our business donors. Finally, CASA helps at-risk kids turn the corner so they can become better citizens and neighbors down the road. And everyone in the community benefits from that.

Suggestions for Giving:

  • Individual and corporate donations
  • Church donations
  • Other community organization donations
  • In-kind gifts
  • New or gently used books, craft supplies, games, backpacks, etc.

Note:  All donations are tax-deductible. Donations can be given in a lump sum, monthly or quarterly.  Gifts can also be designated through your estate.

Any Gift to CASA Makes a Difference:

  • $982 supports one CASA child for an entire year.
  • $880  provides one van and driver to bring 10 students to CASA for one semester
  • $430 runs the entire CASA operation for one day.
  • $327 provides programming for one CASA child for one semester.
  • $327 supports one CASA child for an entire summer program.
  • $88 transports one student to CASA for one semester
  • $25+ can buy books and homework supplies.

To make a gift, please call the CASA office at 616.395.7944 or make a donation online.


"CASA is great because we get to read and play games! Every Tuesday and Thursday I can't wait to come to CASA after school. My reading has improved a lot since I came to CASA "

-2nd grader Jactavius, age 7,
with CASA tutor Matt