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The hard work and dedication of staff, volunteers and supporters pay tremendous dividends in the lives of children who take part in CASA programs. Some of our proudest Outcomes include:

  • 77% of CASA students increase their reading score by at least one level during the program year
  • 93% daily attendance rate for students in the program
  • Very high levels of social development for CASA students which results in a greater ability to integrate with their peers and advance along with other children their age
  • 97% score “good” to “excellent” for on-task, daily academic performance.

In addition to the good that CASA does for its participants, the community clearly benefits as well. Here are the most obvious ways:

  • Families of CASA students receive free assistance – including tutoring, summer school and transportation – to improve their children’s academic performance
  • Area schools benefit from all the one-on-one attention that CASA provides to struggling students, at no cost to the schools. Our programs are highly effective at helping students reach their academic and personal potential, contributing to the school’s overall success.
The community at large is strengthened educationally, socially and economically. CASA helps more of our kids come through school better educated and better adjusted, so they are better prepared to become responsible and successful citizens.

"I like CASA because my tutor helps with my reading and spelling. She is so kind! I can't wait to come to CASA because I learn more and have fun! "

-2nd grader Adriana, age 7