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Refer a Child

CASA believes that the people most in-touch with children’s academic needs are their teachers and principals. We also strongly believe that working with schools maximizes the educational benefits that we offer kids. That’s why we rely entirely on area school personnel to identify the students who will participate in CASA programs.

Here’s how to Refer a Child to us – and a few guidelines that we ask you to keep in mind when you do.


  • CASA serves at-risk children in grades 1 - 5 who are struggling in school but have the potential to be academically successful.
  • We expect CASA students to want to do well and be excited about getting extra support. They must attend CASA regularly and are expected to work hard while in their program.
  • While “needs extra help” and behavior issues can often go hand-in-hand, please remember that the tutors are college aged and are not equipped to deal with severe behavior and/or emotional issues. 
  • CASA strives to serve a balanced gender mix.
  • Currently participating schools are: 
    • City of Holland:  East K-7, Holland Heights K-7, Jefferson K-7, West K-7, Vanderbilt Charter School
    • West Ottawa Schools:  Glerum Elementary, Woodside Elementary

Note:  CASA personnel will determine a child's final enrollment based upon available space and other key considerations.

For additional information on referrals, please contact:


"CASA is a fun place to go after school. I like it because tey help me with a lot of my homework. "

-3rd grader Zaria, age 8,
with CASA tutor Claire