International Studies

The Composite Major in International Studies is designed for the student intending to enter a profession in which an international focus is of particular importance.

This major will serve as preparation for careers in such fields as International Business, Economics, Government, Law, History, Sociology, the Arts and work with non-governmental organizations.

The International Studies major consists of 36 credit hours. These include 24 credits of required courses, 8 credits of 2 directed elective and 4-6 credits of international or globally-related courses selected in consultation with the Academic Advisor and approved by the Director of the major, and a modern language successfully completed through the second year level (4th semester) or demonstrated equivalency.

Furthermore, it is required that students participate in a semester or year-long international, off-campus program as approved by the director of the major. Credits earned in such programs for similar courses may be substituted for requirement or elective courses at the discretion of the major's director.


International Studies Composite

Required Courses

  1. ECON 211 – Principles of Macroeconomics
  2. POL 151 – Introduction to Global Politics
    POL 251 International Relations
  3. ECON 306 – Econometrics (Students enrolled as of Fall 2015)
    Communication 280. Research Methods
    History 140, History Workshop,
    POL 242, Research Methods
    Sociology 262, Methods of Social Research
  4. History 355, History of U.S. Foreign Policy
    POL 378, American Foreign Policy
  5. SOC 151, Cultural Anthropology
    Religion 281, Intro to World Religions
  6. Capstone INTS 400

One course from the following Africa, Asia and Latin America courses:

  • HIST 221, 225, 260, 263, 270, 280, 312, 321, 365, 370
  • PHIL 241, 242
  • POL 262, 303, 304, 305

One course from the following:

  • COMM 371
  • ECON 318
  • HIST 242, 344
  • POL 160, 201, 251, 351, 352

INTS 400 – Capstone Seminar in International Studies
(Students enrolled as of 2014)

Students in this class will compile a portfolio and connect it with the academic classes they have taken on Hope’s campus their language proficiency, their study abroad experience and the current international situation. In addition, they will be expected to formulated an international policy issue and reflect on it in a written research paper. In the paper, they should engage in a literature review, as well as a justification of the methodology they are utilizing for the paper. They must integrate the content they have learned with the skills and values they have acquired in the course of their study. They will analyze the data/material, make a final presentation in class and turn in a written paper (15-20 pages long) of the same. Credits 4 Prerequisite(s): Senior Standing


4 hours of course work (numbered 300 or higher) in international or globally related courses selected in consultation with the director of the major. These courses may be taken on or off campus and usually will be in the following disciplines: art history, economics, history, modern languages (culture and/or literature courses), philosophy, political science, religion and sociology. It is strongly recommended that three of these courses be regionally specific to Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America or the Middle East.

INTS 399 or 499

A modern language successfully completed through the second-year level (4th semester) or demonstrated equivalency.


A year or semester overseas study-abroad program.

*Research Methods effective for students enrolled Fall 2015