Carter Heyward

"Reflections on Gender, Justice, and Compassion"

An ordained Episcopal priest since 1974, Carter Heyward is Howard Chandler Robbins Professor of Theology at Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She received the following three degrees from Union Theological Seminary in New York: Ph.D. (Systematic Theology), M.Div. (Religion and Psychiatry), M.A. (Comparative Study of Religion, a joint degree from UTS and Columbia University). She earned her A.B. in Religion from Randolph-Macon Woman's College.

Heyward has authored a dozen books, including Feminist Christology: An Introduction (Sheridan, U.K., 2000), Saving Jesus From Those Who Are Right (Fortress, 1999), and Staying Power: Reflections on Gender, Justice, and Compassion (Pilgrim, 1995). Her book, A Priest Forever: Formation of a Woman and a Priest (Harper and Row, 1976), will be republished in 1999. Her numerous articles have appeared in such publications as The Witness, Journal of Church and State, and Christianity and Crisis.

Heyward has given presentations worldwide-from Zurich to Bangor to Pasadena to Australia. She has done extensive work in Liberation Theologies, especially Latin American and Black Theology in the U.S., as well as Feminist Liberation Theologies. Her honors include being the recipient of the First Annual Peace and Justice Award from the Cambridge Peace Commission (1995) and the Distinguished Alumni/ae Award from Union Theological Seminary in 1998.

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