October 2008           Global Health: From Catastrophe to Cure

As a service to the community, all CIS events are free and open to the public.

For over 20 years the Critical Issues Symposium (CIS) has been an integral part of the Hope College academic landscape. A committee of faculty, staff, and students, in consultation with President Bultman, select one topic to focus on each year. Hope College takes this academic endeavor seriously enough to cancel classes for one day each fall in order to allow the campus community to fully participate in examining the topic at hand. CIS has sponsored international leaders in a variety of fields, but also calls on the resources of the West Michigan and Hope College communities to provide input on our discussions.

If you have any questions about CIS please feel free to contact either:

Alfredo Gonzales, Associate Provost and CIS Co-Chair

Derek Emerson, Arts Coordinator and CIS Co-Chair