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2015 -- Rescheduled for Spring 2016 --
2014 Technology and the Future of Being Human
2013 --- CIS was not held in lieu of President Knapp's inauguration ---
2012 Reconciliation: Hope in a Divided World
2011 Exploring Islam
2010 Good Food for the Common Good
2009 At Water's Edge: Complacency, Thirst, Action
2008 Global Health: From Catastrophe to Cure
2007 Immigration: Shaping and Reshaping America
2005 From Auschwitz to Darfur: Genocide in the Global Village
2004 Race and Opportunity: Echoes of Brown v. Board of Education
2003 Putting Science In Its Place: Discovery and Responsibility
2002 -- CIS was not held --
2001 Earth Matters: Daily Decisions, Environmental Echoes
2000 Gold Rush and Ghost Towns: Living on the Internet
1999 --- CIS was not held in lieu of President Bultman's inauguration ---
1998 Feminism and Faith: Implications for Life
1997 Sport and American Life
1996 The Role of Media in America Culture
1995 The Role of Liberal Arts Education in a Changing World
1994 What Future is in our Genes: Freedom from Disease, Good Investment, Manufactured Humans?
1993 Race and Social Change in America
1992 The Columbus Legacy, 1492-1992
1991 Lifeboat Earth: Decisions for Tomorrow
1990 The Quest for Justice: Christian Voices
1989 The American Dream: Rags, Riches, Reality
1988 Medicine and Morality: Medical Care and Human Care
1987 South Africa: Apartheid Under Scrutiny
1986 Crisis in Central America: Perspectives and Alternatives
1985 World Hunger
1984 Civil Rights in the United States: The State of the Dream
1983 Avenues Toward Peace
1982 Lives in Transition: The Future of Marriage and Family
1981 Energy
1980 The Configuration of Peace in the Middle East