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Cable TV

Cable TV is available through Hope College and Comcast for all residence areas at no additional cost to students living there. This includes all college-owned residence halls, cottages and apartments.

Residence Halls, Fried and Delta Phi Cottages

A direct cable connection is available in each individual room in the residence halls on Hope’s campus.  After connecting the power cord to your TV, connect the coax cable (available at the Hope Geneva Bookstore) to the outlet in the wall.  Using your TV remote, run the auto program to be sure you are receiving all of the available channels.

A direct cable connection is also available in the common living areas of the Fried and Delta Phi cottages.

Cottages & Apartments

A Comcast DTA (Digital Transport Adaptor) is required for all CATV connections in Cottages and Apartments.  Public locations (Living room/Lobbies) will have these installed and active.  This adaptor includes a remote control that will be used to change the channels on the TV. Note: All Comcast channels are digitally encrypted and require this DTA to work correctly regardless of the age of the TV. TV’s with QAM (Digital) tuners will not work without the DTA. Additional DTA’s are provided free of charge through Comcast.

To connect:

  1. Verify that the Comcast DTA is connected to the wall and that the Green light is on steady. (Both the power and Coax to the DTA need to be connected.) If the light does not turn steady after 5 minutes, contact the CIT Help Desk at x7670 or
  2. Plug in the power cord for your TV.
  3. Connect the cable jack on your TV to the “TO TV” connection on the Comcast DTA (cables are available at the Hope-Geneva Bookstore)
  4. Verify that the “CHANNEL” switch on the back of the DTA is set to 3
  5. Turn on your TV and make sure the channel is set to Analog channel 3
  6. Use the Comcast remote to change the channels
  7. Additional setup guides including how to program the Comcast remote for your TV (ON/OFF and volume features only) can be found at:

All Hope College cable is provided by Comcast and the channel lineup is the same for the residents of the City of Holland. The current cable TV contract does not provide the College with a mechanism for offering upgraded services (HD, DVR's, OnDemand) to individual residence locations.  

If you need additional support call the CIT Help Desk at x7670.



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