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ConnectHope Wireless Ethernet access is available
in all academic and residential locations on campus.

To prevent unauthorized usage, Hope College uses 128-bit encryption on all wireless connections. To utilize ConnectHope Wireless Ethernet, you'll need to input an "encryption key" and SSID into your computer's wireless configuration program. For security reasons, this information is available only to Hope College students/faculty/staff. To obtain this information, click here and enter your Hope College e-mail username and password when prompted. The procedure for entering this key varies depending on your computer and wireless card combination, so you may need to consult your documentation for instructions.

ConnectHope Wireless Ethernet Locations
Academic & Administrative Buildings
DeVos Fieldhouse
DeWitt Student and Cultural Center
DeWitt Tennis Center
Dimnent Chapel
Dow Health and Physical Education Center
Graves Hall
Haworth Inn & Conference Center
Kletz Cafe
Knickerbocker Theatre
Lubbers Hall
Maas Auditorium
Maas Conference Rm
Martha Miller Center
Nykerk Hall
Phelps Dining Hall
Schaap Science Center
Van Zoeren Hall
Vander Werf Hall
Van Wylen Library
Residence Halls
Cook Hall
Durfee Hall
Dykstra Hall
Gilmore Hall
Kollen Hall
Lichty Hall
Phelps Hall
Scott Hall
Van Vleck Hall
Voorhees Hall
Wyckoff Hall
Cottages & Apartments

Albers/Dorian Cottage
Anchor Cottage
Avison Cottage
Beck Cottage
Beeuwkes Cottage
Belt Cottage
Bergen Cottage
Boers Cottage
Brownstone Apts.
Brumler Apts.
Cavanaugh Apts.
Centennial Cottage
Centurian Cottage
Champion Apts.
Cleo Apts.
College East Apts.
Columbia Apts.
DeGraaf Cottage
Delta Phi Cottage
Deutsches Haus
Diekema Cottage
Doesberg Cottage
Dosker Cottage
Fairbanks Cottage
Fraternal Cottage
Fried Cottage
Gazelle Apts.
Green Apts.
Grey Apts.
Gringhuis Cottage

Hawkinson Cottage
Hinkamp Cottage
Hoffman Cottage
Kappa Delta Chi Cottage
Kasteel Cottage
Klaaren Cottage
Klaasen Apts.
Kleinheksel Cottage
Kleis Cottage
Kooiker Cottage
Kraker Annex Apts.
Kraker Apts.
Kruithof Cottage
Kuizenga Cottage
Kuyper/Emerson Cottage
Lampen Cottage
Mandeville Cottage
Marguerite Prins French House
Mast Cottage
Mayor's Cottage
Mouw/Spanish House
Mulder Cottage
Nykamp Cottage
Oggel Apartments
Parkview Apts.
Patterson Cottage
Pieters Cottage
Poll Cottage
Reese Cottage
Reeverts Cottage
Riepma Cottage

Ross Apts.
Schrier Cottage
Schuppert Cottage
Sibylline Cottage
Sigma Cottage
Sligh Cottage
Smith Cottage
Steffens Cottage
Strong Cottage
Stryker Cottage
Sutphen Cottage
Sweet Apts.
Taylor Cottage
Timmer Cottage
Treehouse Apts.
Van Drezer Cottage
Van Saun Cottage
Van Zyl Cottage
Vander Borgh Apts.
Vennema Apts.
Ver Beek Cottage
Vergeer Duplex
Visscher Cottage
Welmers Cottage
Yellow Duplex
Yonkman/Arcadian Cottage
Zuverink Cottage
Zwemer Cottage



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