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Adding an Assignment to Moodle

***This is a short tutorial on how to add an assignment to Moodle.  We will cover how to create an assignment and the possible submission methods. ***

  1. First we need to enter our virtual classroom and select the gray toggle switch labeled “Turn Editing On”.  It is located in the upper right hand side of the webpage.

  2.  Now with editing on, go the week/topic that you wish to add an assignment to, and select the “Add an activity…” pull down menu.  Now select the option labeled “Assignment.

  3. We will now be brought to a new webpage with many options to choose from.

    1. The first option allows us to add a name to our assignment.  Make in unique but descriptive so the students know what to chose. 

    2. The second thing we can add and a very important thing to add is a description.  This text box allows you to add a description of the assignment, so type in the directions for the assignment.  In the toolbars above the text box are tools that allow you to change the color, size and many other attributes of the text.

    3. The third option allows you to assign a point value to the assignment or a grading scale.  Just drop down the menu and select the option you want.

    4. This next option allows you to choose the availability of the assignment from the start date to the close date.  Make sure to double check your dates, because one little in correction can mess up your assignment.

    5. The last option is how you want students to submit the assignment, and I will go over them in detail below.

Submitting an Assignment:

            The first way to submit an assignment is to allow the student to “upload a single file”  The student can complete the said assignment on her computer using third party software such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or any other numerous programs.  When he/she is finished with the assignment, she may go into Moodle, click on the assignment, and she is presented with an option to upload a file.  The file will then be copied from there computer and added  to the Moodle Server where it will be available for the teacher to review.


            The second way for a student to submit an assignment is to it directly in Moodle.  This option is titled “Online Text”.  When the student clicks on the assignment she is given a button that says “Edit my Assignment”.  This link will bring the student to a page with a text box, similar to the one you used for creating the description of the assignment.  Then the student completes the assignment and submits it online.


            The final option for submission is to make it an offline assignment.  Here Moodle will create a space for the assignment with its description for the student to complete offline and submit to the teacher in person.  Moodle offers another benefit here in that it also saves a spot for the assignment in the grade section of Moodle.


Viewing an Assignment:

            There are two ways to view an assignment.  The first is to click on the actual assignment which brings you to a page with the description.  On this page is a blue link that says “view “x” submitted assignment”.  Click this link and it will bring you to a page to view all submissions.

            The second way to view an assignment is from the main class page click on the link that says “Assignments”.  It is under the block that says activities on the left hand side of the screen.  Here you will see all assignments you have created and next to each one an option allowing you view all submissions.


Congratulations you have made an assignment on Moodle!!!!



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