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Adding a Chat Room

***This is a tutorial for adding a chat room to Moodle***

  1. First we need to enter our virtual classroom and select the gray toggle switch labeled “Turn Editing On”.  It is located in the upper right hand side of the webpage.

  2. Now with editing on, go the week/topic that you wish to add an assignment to, and select the “Add an activity…” pull down menu.  Now select the option labeled “Chat”.

  3. Now we are brought to a new page with options on how to set up the chat.

    1. First add a name to the Chat

    2. Add a brief introduction to the chat

    3. Once that chat room is created it will always be available.  However with this next option you can create a time that can be published for when certain chats can be had.  (ex. If you were having an online review session at 9:00 you could post  that as the time)

    4. You can select options to save past chats and who can view them.

  4. Save and your done!



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