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Adding a Forum in Moodle

***This is a short tutorial on how to create forums in Moodle***

  1. First we need to enter our virtual classroom and select the gray toggle switch labeled “Turn Editing On”.  It is located in the upper right hand side of the webpage.

  2. Under the week/topic select the drop down menu labeled “Add an Activity”.  On this list select forum.

  3. You are now brought to a new webpage where you can edit the options of the forum.

    1. Add a name to this forum.

    2. Select what type of forum you want to have.  You can have a single discussion which means only one topic can be created.  The second option is that everyone can post one topic and reply as many times as needed.  The third option is a standard forum where people can create new topics at will and reply to them as well.  The fourth option makes students post before being able to view other posts.

    3. Add an introduction to the forum.

    4. Then you must select the restrictions on student posting.  You can prohibit students from creating new topics and replying.  Or you can just allow them to reply to new topics.  Finally you can let them create topics and reply.

    5. The next option deals with subscription.  Subscription means that a user gets email updates about the forum when someone posts something.  Here you can force everyone to get email updates or let them choose if they want to on an individual basis.

    6. There are also some options dealing with rating posts as well as putting limits to how much someone can post, so a student can’t spam the forum.

  4. Save and Your Done!


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