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Adding a Quiz to Moodle

**This is a short tutorial on how to add a quiz to Moodle. This is a multistage process and can be a little confusing.***

  1. First we need to enter our virtual classroom and select the gray toggle switch labeled “Turn Editing On”.  It is located in the upper right hand side of the webpage.

  2. Now with editing on, go the week/topic that you wish to add an assignment to, and select the “Add an activity…” pull down menu.  Now select the option labeled “Quiz”.

  3. We begin stage 1 like we do with any other activity.  A page filled with options.

    1. Add a name to your quiz.

    2. Add a description of what your quiz will cover.

    3. Now we are presented with options on when the quiz will be available from.  Make sure dates and times are correct they can cause errors.

    4. Now there are a series of options that are a personal preference, so read through them and change what you want.

    5. Now we come to an area where there are 12 check boxes.  This option allows you to control what the student may review in three different periods.  Again your choice.

    6. Again some more options for you to choose from. Once that is done you have completed Stage 1.

  4. Now you come to page where you can edit the questions of a quiz.

    1. On the screen there should be three light colored boxes.  The one on the left should say “No questions have been added yet”.  Then the upper right box should have a drop down menu labeled categories.  This is where you may select a category to store your questions.  The drop down menu displays all categories currently used by teachers in moodle.  It can be quite hard to find your own.  If you do not have a pre-made category you can create your own by clicking the “edit categories” button and filling out the add a category information on the next page.

    2. The box below this is where you add questions to a category.  There is a drop down menu that allows you to select what kind of question you want to add.

    Types of Questions:

    Multiple Choice
    - This is your standard multiple choice question.  When the new page loads give your question a name so you can distinguish it between others.  Then in the big text box ask your question.  Under that there are four options you can consider. Finally you come to the answers.  For each choice you are given three options.  What that choice is, feedback for that choice and a point value if they guess that choice if it is partially correct.  There up to 10 choices, if you do not use them all then moodle will not assign them a spot on the question.

    True/False- When the page loads you must again give your question a name. In the big text box ask your question.  Below that is a small drop down menu lets you choose what the answer will be.  Your are then given space for feedback

    Matching- Give this question a name and then put a directions in the big text box.  Adjust the options below so they please you.   Then you get to place your matching questions…the first big box you place half of your matching part.  The second box is where you place your answer.  You can do this up to 10 times.

    Short Answer- You are basically given the same layout as other questions.  The important thing to remember is that for every acceptable answer you must tell the computer what to look for.  The computer will count spelling and not take into account different form of a single answer.  So type in answer you are willing to accept into the different slots, and select grades percents for each.

    Numerical- A numerical question is a question that requires a number for an answer.  Like previous questions add a name and ask what the question is.  Then give the correct answer and in the space below that add accepted error.  You can add feedback and if the answer requires a unit you have a spot for that as well as multipliers for different units.

    Calculated- A calculated question is similar to a numerical question, but instead of asking just a specific question Moodle can replace certain values with others to make it create new questions for every new quiz.  Ask you question in terms of variables, and then in the answer part write out the formula for the answer.  Make sure to surround your answers in “{ }”.

    These are the types of questions commonly added to quizzes.  One you have created questions for your quiz. You must select the category you saved them under and select that in the drop down menu. Then follow the onscreen advice and add the questions to your quiz.  Congrats you have made a quiz!



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