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E-mail Change

While Hope College's Department of Computing and Information Technology (CIT) strives to be an enabling resource in the use of technology for academic study, office productivity, and other areas of college life, there occasionally comes a time when expectations and limits must be set in the form of policy.

It is not the intention of CIT to develop and enforce policies to bureaucratically offend and limit the people it serves; rather, these policies exist to ensure reliable, secure and fair technology solutions continue at Hope College.

Therefore, as you read the policy statement below, please keep in mind that its intention in the larger scope is to maintain an excellent technology infrastructure and not to limit creativity, academic freedom, or other appropriate and welcomed activities.

If you wish to change your e-mail address because you receive too many unsolicited bulk or commercial e-mails (a.k.a. SPAM), you understand and acknowledge the following:

  1. You are receiving a minimum of thirty (30) SPAM messages per day.
  2. When a new address is chosen, standard naming conventions will be followed. For faculty and staff, the last name and an initial will be used for the username (e.g., smith, asmith or smitha). For students, the username will be composed of a first name (with or without an initial) and the last name (ann.smith, annie.smith).
  3. CIT will delete your former e-mail account one week after a new account has been created for you.
  4. Your former e-mail address will not be forwarded to your new e-mail address.
  5. Your new e-mail address will be displayed in the Hope College e-mail lookup and your former e-mail address will be removed.
  6. You are responsible for notifying everyone with whom you correspond regarding your new e-mail address.
  7. You are strongly encouraged to set up a free e-mail account for use when signing up for anything on the Internet (e.g., Yahoo!, HotMail, Juno, etc.).
  8. You are responsible for forwarding your archived e-mail and address book to your new e-mail account.
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