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ConnectHope Modem Usage

While Hope College's Department of Computing and Information Technology (CIT) strives to be an enabling resource in the use of technology for academic study, office productivity, and other areas of college life, there occasionally comes a time when expectations and limits must be set in the form of policy.

It is not the intention of CIT to develop and enforce policies to bureaucratically offend and limit the people it serves; rather, these policies exist to ensure reliable, secure and fair technology solutions continue at Hope College.

Therefore, as you read the policy statement below, please keep in mind that its intention in the larger scope is to maintain an excellent technology infrastructure and not to limit creativity, academic freedom, or other appropriate and welcomed activities.

Hope College Computing and Information Technology provides dial-in Internet access to members of the Hope College community (current faculty, staff and students) via a service known as "ConnectHope Modem". For more information on its availability and technical requirements, you may wish to consult the ConnectHope portion of this site.

The following statement regarding the use of the ConnectHope Modem dial-in service is printed on all account authorization forms:

"Only Hope College faculty, staff, and students can use ConnectHope. Faculty/staff spouse and children are encouraged to use a commercial service and/orcommunity network (e.g., America Online, Macatawa Area Network, etc.)"

You are encouraged to review the Computer Usage Responsibilities document. In particular please note the following statements, whereas "community" is defined by current faculty, staff and students:

Access to the Hope College computing network and the Internet is limited to members of the Hope College community.

Individuals within the Hope community are not permitted to provide privileged access to the campus network to those outside this designated community.


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