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Housing & Dining

We are excited to welcome students back to campus for the fall semester and know that student participation in residential, dining, social and recreational activities will look different in the current environment. There will be a staggered move-in process that will allow students and loved ones space to safely move in belongings.


Housing Cohorts
One important aspect of residential life will be Hope housing cohorts, small groups of students united as a community by their housing location, such as a cottage, residential hall floor/cluster or apartment. These cohorts will serve as a point of connection and engagement for residents. Together, cohort members will create and honor expectations for living in their shared space, with the goal of ensuring a sense of both security and comfort in their home. We will continue to provide details about how housing cohorts will operate. We also are working on guidelines for shared areas in residence halls, such as bathrooms and lounges.
Isolation/Quarantine Housing
We are working to designate and prepare the spaces on campus that will serve as housing for students that are in isolation or in quarantine due to a potential or confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis. In these situations, we would make accommodations so that students could continue to progress in their coursework.
We are planning a staggered, phased move-in for students living on campus. This means that the move-in schedule will take place over a longer period of time than usual. Watch your email for more details regarding move-in plans.


At Hope, we value the tradition of eating with our community, and we are working to keep that tradition available and safe for all. As our Dining Services team develops our on-campus dining plan for the fall semester, we are following all Michigan restaurant requirements and all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations. We also are working with local health officials to understand additional needs for dining areas. Options will include on-site dining, with specific protocols for distancing and cleaning, as well as to-go dining. Currently, we are exploring possibilities for online ordering. As always, Dining Services will continue to offer high standards for health, variety and convenience.